Videos are a great way to demonstrate how the employees in your company interact. Since the intent of a video job review is to show values in action (rather than listing them on the careers page) we should identify the types of video content that effectively demonstrates any companies core values.

At first, it can be tough to find the right kind of video for your recruitment process. As you get started, you must determine what type of video best suits your organization, how much editing you’ll do, and how much you’ll be spending. This will help narrow down your next steps as each method requires a unique production and implementation method.

1. Choose Your Recording Method

You have a few options when it comes to the video that you’re creating. The first is the professional production method, which is going to capture the highest quality shot (and turn out looking visually the best). However, this method also costs the most. If you have easily accessible equipment and an in-house team to do it, then your already one step ahead.

If you wish to communicate direct and informative messages to the candidate, an alternate option is to use a webcam on your desktop or laptop. This is a much cheaper option and allows you to easily get your message across. This form of video may lack stimulation of viewers attention and may resemble traditional advertising that they’ve become accustom to. In order to optimize the effect of webcam filmed video, ensure you’re limiting the length of videos that you film while communicating your messages clearly and concisely.

Mobile video is the third option which may not be as high quality and professional as the paid production, however, it is the most accessible which makes it perfect for quickly filming ‘in the moment’ clips of certain ‘centers of attention’ that form in the office. Once you’ve selected your desired form of video, the next step is to capture appropriate content to position your employer brand in the minds of prospective talent.

2. Gather Employees, Explain, and Film

The best way to convey values is through employee driven conversation. A great way to start, is simply by gathering a group of employees in a room (or around a table) to introduce them to the topic of recruitment video. Explain that you are looking to film informal but intelligent conversations among co-workers regarding ‘your topic of choice’. The best topics of conversation for these videos are relevant to everyday operations, past events, future goals, and non-work-related lifestyle in the office.

The key forms of speech that effectively showcase company values in action are primarily communicated through intelligent conversations between employees in the workplace. The goal is to portray the types of scenarios that would be positively perceived by potential employees. Whether it is of a manager leading a discussion or a junior developer bringing up an important case during a meeting, the power of natural conversation can help people outside of the company foresee themselves becoming a part of that discussion and joining a new social group.

For this purpose, the ultimate conversation is one that happens ‘in the moment’, because it represents what is real. Prospective talent is more drawn to insightful digital experiences that initially help them reflect and subconsciously assess their current satisfaction at work. If their mental assessment yields anything less than perfect results, your videos will have the ability to sway someone towards working for your company.

3. Distribute Throughout the Hiring Process

Once you’ve captured a number of meaningful conversations within the office on video, the last step is to ensure these clips are distributed to the right people, at the right times. If you experience a low retention rate in your application process, and notice many candidates dropping off before finishing, you may be lacking a sense of momentum, anticipation and excitement in your hiring technique.

Initially, the first impression should be powered by the most general but revealing videos on your companies culture. From this point, clips should become more specific and be shown through the application process where the candidate may be asked to complete an assessment. Making the process more human than it’s ever been by giving a visually transparent preview of what matters most — your people.

Finally, upon the final decision and offer stage, emails should be sent with an attached video that either congratulate’s them on being hired, or thanks them for participating and invites them to apply to future positions. It is important to always end the process on a positive note with a mutually beneficial call to action. People are more likely to talk about a bad experience to their friends and family over a good one.


We’ve all heard someone say, “I love my job, but the people I work with suck”. We have also all heard the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”. In this scenario, as an employer hiring passive talent to your organization, you’ll want to convey what makes your team realistically better to work with. With video, you can capitalize on the talented individuals who crave new emotional bonds at work. You never know who your employees messages will resonate with.

In most cases, these videos will create a relaxed environment and provoke insightful conversations upon first in person interview. Having videos in your recruitment process acts as a great icebreaker for all candidates that you decide to meet. They will grab the attention and sustain the level of excitement within the minds of talented people, which is often needed for them to complete the hiring process and convert into fully engaged employees ready to perform.