Video is the worlds digital path of communication that most closely resembles real life interactions and experiences. We use video when we wish to convey something that words or images cannot. Videos thrive in expressing rich messages that require a higher level of emotional understanding to interpret accurately. By using video in the hiring process, we can nurture candidate emotions, making it more likely for the most valuable people you attract to convert into new employees who show up ready with the tools to succeed.

Validity Behind Digital Experiences

Most people consider visual information on their screens to be a more relevant reflection of real life than what’s in front of them. This is because digital content holds the ability to effect unconscious human stimuli at a more extensive and constant rate than many everyday activities, interactions, and/or experiences. It’s infinitely accessible on-demand. At the tip of our very finger tips, any second of the day.

When we make decisions, our perception is everything, and today, our perceptions are built off preliminary digital representations of what is real. Therefore, to optimize hiring outcomes, having a readily available ‘digital preview’ of what it is like to work at your company is essential, and here’s why.

Candidates Make the Decisions Now

People educate themselves online. As professionals responsible for the attraction and conversion of talented people at our organizations, we must accept and understand how we should be using digital content such as video to create easily accessible experiences online.

In the first-ever report of its kind from eMarketer, a global digital video forecast predicts 78.4 percent of viewers will use their mobile phones to watch digitally streamed content in 2018. An astonishingly low number of companies currently act on this opportunity, as only 3 percent of employers are using this kind of content to reach job seekers.

With information accessibility where it is today, and the increased volume of mobile video consumption, job seekers can (and will) make decisions on their own without ever having to step outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, the goal is now to create ‘realistic digital experiences’ that bring talented individuals as close to their ideal perception as possible as quickly as possible.

What an Effective Digital Experience Looks Like

The most effective digital experiences focus on the employees inside the organization, not necessarily the job responsibilities or tasks at hand. They trigger motivation within the applicant’s mind and sustain excitement by using the momentum of multiple touch points to sway decision making processes over a short period of time.

BubbleHR allows employers to automate the process of managing these impressions by uploading videos intro three main batches, which are then strategically distributed to candidates based on their level of completion.

Candidates who view your careers page will see a Virtual Company Review.

  • Virtual Office Tour
  • Meet The CEO
  • Employee Introductions
  • Company Events/Activities

If they click apply, they receive a Virtual Job Review.

  • Hiring Manager Overview
  • What You'll Do
  • Meet Your Teammates

If they get invited to the interview stage, they get the final Virtual On-boarding Review.

  • Acceptance Video/Rejection Video
  • Pre-Interview Prep
  • First Day Prep
  • Official Welcome Video

Implementing this practice can improve key performance indicators for recruitment teams at every stage of the hiring process. Starting from the initial touch point, all the way through to on-boarding, video naturally facilitates the process of hiring qualified people who dream of working for you. Most importantly, new hires will already have set subconscious expectations, which will ensure they are ripe for starting first day on the job.

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