To ensure a world-class candidate experience at your company, BubbleHR has recently launched Virtual Job Reviews, allowing prospective talent to experience a job at your company before officially starting.

What are Virtual Job Reviews?

Any set of 8-12 short videos that are automatically distributed across your company's candidate experience. Powered by the Impression Management System, BubbleHR turns uploaded video clips into IFrame HTML, and injects the code into the identified candidate touch points of your hiring process. Ie. the careers page, job posting, assessment portal, interview invite, onboarding emails, etc.

Why should my company use Virtual Job Reviews?

People want to see recruitment content that gives them a genuine experience of a role before accepting a job at your company. Virtual Job Reviews are meant to demonstrate how the employees in your company communicate and collaborate during the work day.

This video content is not recognized as traditional advertising by prospective talent. Rather, this is seen as a valuable opportunity to experience what another job would really be like. Virtual Job Reviews help you capitalize on the talented individuals who crave new emotional bonds at work.

How will Virtual Job Reviews help me recruit?


1. Sparking interest with empathetic video messages.

We all know that the most value lies within our passive talent pool, but how do we ensure our messaging reaches these people in the most appropriate way possible? To optimize, we must understand the way employed people feel when we reach out with a new career opportunity, and construct our messages by empathizing the following emotions:

a. Confusion
b. Cynicism
c. Skepticism

Virtual Job Reviews are targeted at nurturing candidates through these negative emotions commonly felt when they're intially approached with a new career opportunity. Thus, driving them to pursue employment at your company with an open mind.

2. Easing transitions into your workplace to drive conversion.

Once a sourced candidate has been approached, and they decide to apply for your role, they may experience another set of emotional drawbacks, such as:

d. Adjusting personal identity and sense of self
e. Overcoming guilt of leaving previous job
f. Letting go of habits from previous job
g. Acceptance anxiety in a new social group

Prior to the interview, you can spark conversion within the minds of your shortlisted candidates, and therefore remove immense friction in the second half of your hiring process. This is done by creating a sense of certainty, which is done by showing your values in action through employee generated video.

The key is to make these digital experiences readily accessible online and throughout your hiring process. By bringing people an elevated sense-of-self with your Virtual Job Reviews, the limits to who your company can hire are endless.

Virtual Job Review Example

This is BubbleHR's default Virtual Job Review template. Please note that the titles and contents of each video can be changed to whatever your company desires.

Candidates who view your careers page will see:

  • Official Introduction
  • Meet The CEO
  • Employee Lifestyle
  • Virtual Office Tour

By clicking apply, they see:

  • Hiring Manager Overview
  • What You'll Do
  • Meet Your Teammates

If invited to the interview stage, they see:

  • Pre-Interview Prep
  • Acceptance Video/Rejection Video

If hired, they see:

  • Official Welcome Video
  • First Day Prep

Implementing this practice ensures every touch point with your company consists of a human interaction. With BubbleHR, candidates can confidently make their career decisions with your unique employees, vivid values, and company culture top of mind.